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Truckee Railyard Display

Truckee Donner Railroad Society

The mission of the Truckee Donner Railroad Society (TDRRS) is to preserve, interpret, and educate the public about railroading life and history in the Truckee region including its contribution to Truckee and the nation. We will accomplish this through the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of relevant equipment and artifacts and the display of exhibits in our Truckee museums.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution EIN 91-1917864.

Upcoming events

05/27/2023    Truckee River Railroad runs 11am-2pm
06/17/2023    Truckee River Railroad runs 11am-2pm
07/01/2023    Truckee River Railroad runs 11am-2pm
Summer 2023    Hobart Estates Trestle Tour
Summer 2023    Boca and Loyalton Railroad Trestle Tour
Summer 2023    Verdi Lumber Trestle Tour

TDRRS Outreach and Activities